Bodybuilding competition results in 2014

Olympia bodybuilding competition in 2014 was organized in Las Vegas in the state of Nevada from 18 to 21st September. It was a held in Orleans Arena for the fiftieth time and was full to its last seat. The prize that was meant for the winners of this bodybuilding competition was astonishing 1, 1 million dollars. Winner of this event was Phil Heath from the United States who won 275 000$, and the winner of Ms. Olympia was Iris Kyle, with her 10th win, and for that reason, she is the most successful bodybuilder in history. After that, she said that she would retire from this sport. In the second place was AlinaPopa from Romania, and in the third place, Debi Laszewski forms United States. In Mr. Olympia, part of competition second place went to Kai Greene from also the United States and a cash prize of 130 000$ and third place to Shawn Rhoden from Jamaica, who won a cash prize in the amount of 90 000$.

First place and Phil Heath

American Phil Heath is one of the most successful man athletes in this sport. This was a very good competition for him, and you can tell that he worked hard for this. The only downfall is probably his abs, which hadn’t seen as good as previous year. This was one of the best final in the history of this sport. And this was the consecutive title for this man from 2011. Phil Heath started bodybuilding back in 2002, and in 2005 he started winning prize after prize.

Second place and Kai Greene

kaiKai Greene also had one of his best finals ever, and he gave Phil Heath the winner of this competition a run for his money. He was the leanest competitor in this competition and also a crowd favorite. That is why he won Fan’s Choice Award. He promised that he would compete next year and try to win a title. He was also second in 2012 and 2013 competition. Kai Greene started competing back in 1994, and he is one of the well-known names in this sport.

Third place and Shawn Rhoden

Last year Shawn Rhoden won the 4th place, but that didn’t slow him down, and he came to this competition better than ever, which has won him third place, the first time in history. Keep in mind that he is 39 years old! He put a lot into this competition which has shown on the stage.

Fourth place and Dennis Wolf

2014 competition was marked by rivalry between Dennis Wolf and Shawn Rhoden, but we can say Rhoden was better as he later won third place. We could see the disappointment in Wolf place when he came to accept his 4th place.

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