CrossFit Games and Result of Competition in 2013

CrossFit as a brand was created in 2000 by Greg Glassman. From that day on CrossFit has become one of the most popular sport in the world. It is a part of psychical exercise but also a sport where you can compete in competitions which are held all around the world. The most famous is CrossFit Games which were held in Carson, California 2013. This sport incorporates many different types of the exercise, and you have to be in excellent physical form to compete.

CrossFit Games 2013

CrossFit Games 2013 were organized from 21st to 26th July in StubHub Center. This was one of the best competitions so far, with many contestants signed in. There was men and women’s division. Winner of the men’s part of the competition was Ben Smith and in the lady’s part KatrinTanjaDavidsdottir. Ben Smith was competing from 2009, and this was his first win. He was twice in third place, in 2011 and 2010. Winner for the ladies was KatrinDavidsdottir from Iceland; this was hers the third time to compete. She has beaten Sara Sigmundsdottir also from Iceland. Sara was leading in the most of the competition, but Katrin manages to beat her in the final event.

CrossFit became so popular from 2000, and that is why for this event judges had more than 273 000 participants. This is why competition lasted for five weeks. It was then decided that the best 40 men, best 40 women, and 40 best teams will go to the final. The main difference in man and women’s part of the competition was in size of the weights and height of obstacles. In 2013 CrossFit Games was the first time when disciplines such as paddleboard race across the ocean, and pegboard climbing were introduced.

CrossFit Games 2013 also had a category for gentlemen’s above the age of 40, where they could compete in their age group.  The same age group also existed for the lady’s, and they qualified through the Masters Qualifier. The best 20 men and women from this part of competition went through the final. The novelty in CrossFit Games in 2013 also was a Teenage group divided into two groups. One is from age 14 to 15 and the other from age 16 to 17. Boy and girls competed in this division. The top 10 of this group went to the final event. The winner of this group final was Sydney Sullivan who surprised everyone with hers CrossFit skills and was first in six of seven events. There is a bright future for this girl in CrossFit competitions.


Results of CrossFit Games 2013

In an individual group, first place went to Ben Smith, second to Mat Fraser and third Bjorgvin Karl Guomundsson. In women part of competition first place went to KatrinTanjaDavidsdottir, second to Tia- Clair Toomey, and third Ragnheiour Sara Sigmundsdottir. When we talk about the team, first three places went to CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, CrossFitMiliford, and UTE CrossFit.